BC2161 SOP8

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Sub 1GHz RF Transmitter

The BC2161 is a highly integrated OOK/GFSK transmitter for remote wireless applications. The transmitter is a true “data-in, antenna-out” monolithic device making it very easy for users to implement wireless systemsThe BC2161 can operate at the 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz frequency bands. It supports both OOK and GFSK modulation schemes and can operate with symbol rate of up to 24ksps and data rate of up to 125kbps respectively. The BC2161 offers a programmable output power level. It is capable of delivering +13dBm maximum power into a 50Ω load. The BC2161 adopts agile state machines to ease the control and minimize the power consumption. With an external crystal and a few external components, the BC2161 can implement a complete solution for an effective RF transmitter.


  • Operating voltage: VDD=2.2V~3.6V
  • Complete Sub-1GHz OOK/GFSK (BT=0.5) modulation transmitter
  • Key input function
    – 2 key inputs for the 8-pin SOP-EP package type
    – 8 key inputs for the 16-pin NSOP-EP package type
  • Frequency bands: 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz
  • Integrated 320-bit FUSE data memory
  • Output power of up to 13dBm
  • Supports 2-wire IC interface
  • Low sleep current of 0.4μA
  • TX current consumption @ 433MHz:
    – TYP. 18.5mA(GFSK, 10dBm)/TYP. 11.2mA (OOK, 10dBm, 50% duty cycle)
  • Programmable symbol rate from 1.5ksps to 24ksps for OOK modulation
  • Programmable data rate from 2kbps to 125kbps for GFSK modulation
  • Integrated full range VCO, loop filter and Fractional-N PLL synthesizer
  • Supports 16MHz crystal
  • 4-step programmable TX Power: 0/5/10/13 dBm
  • FCC / ETSI Compliant
  • Small size package types: 8-pin SOP-EP, 16-pin NSOP-EP

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