BC3601 QFN24

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Sub 1GHz RF Transceiver

The BC3601 is a high performance and low cost CMOS RF FSK/GFSK transceiver for wireless applications in the 315MHz, 433MHz, 470MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) frequency bands. It incorporates a baseband modem with a programmable data rate from 2Kbps to 250Kbps. Data handling features include 64-byte TX/RX FIFO, packet handling, CRC generation, Forward Error Correction and data whitening, Manshester encoding.


  • Frequency band: 315/433/470/868/915MHz
  • FSK/GFSK modulation
  • Supports 3-wire or 4-wire SPI interface
  • Low sleep current: 0.5μA
  • TX output power: 0dBm~17dBm
  • TX current consumption (433MHz): 31mA@10dBm, 54mA@17dBm
  • TX current consumption (868MHz): 34.5mA@10dBm, 45mA@13dBm
  • RX current consumption (AGC off): 13.5mA@433MHz, 14mA@868MHz
  • On-chip regulator supports input voltage of 2.0V~3.6V
  • Programmable data rate: 2Kbps~250Kbps
  • Physical TX/RX FIFO buffers: TX 64 bytes, RX 64 bytes
  • Simple FIFO/Block FIFO/Extend FIFO (up to 255 bytes)/Infinite FIFO modes
  • High RX sensitivity (433.92MHz)
    – -121dBm at 2Kbps on-air data rate
    – -114.5dBm at 10Kbps on-air data rate
    – -112dBm at 50Kbps on-air data rate
    – -108dBm at 125Kbps on-air data rate
    – -105.5dBm at 250Kbps on-air data rate
  • On-chip VCO and Fractional-N synthesizer with internal loop filter
    – Fast PLL synthesizer settling time (35μs)
  • On-chip low power RC oscillator for WOR (Wakeon-RX) and WOT (Wake-on-TX) functions
  • AFC (Auto Frequency Compensation) for frequency drift due to X’tal aging
  • Supports low cost crystal: 16/19.2MHz
  • On-chip 8-bit RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
  • Programmable complex band pass filter bandwidth: 125/200kHz
  • Digital channel filter for optimum performance at various data rates
  • Programmable threshold for carrier detection
  • Frame synchronization recognition for both FIFO mode and Direct mode
  • Packet handling
    – FEC (Forward Error Correction)
    – Data whitening
    – Manchester encoding
    – CRC-16 checking
  • ATR (Auto-Transmit-Receive)
    – Auto-resend
    – Auto-acknowledgment
    – WOT + Auto-resend
    – WOR + Auto-acknowledgment
  • Packet filtering
    – CRC filtering
    – Address filtering
  • Package type: 24-pin QFN

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