BC68F2140 SSOP24

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Sub 1GHz RF Transmitter

These Sub-1GHz RF Transmitter MCUs provide a combination of a fully featured MCU and an RF transmitter function, providing them with superior flexibility for use in a wide range of wireless I/O control applications such as industrial control, consumer products, subsystem controllers, etc.

CPU Features

  • Operating Voltage
    – fSYS= 16MHz: 2.2V~3.6V
  • Up to 0.25us instruction cycle with 16MHz system clock at VDD=5V
  • Power saving and wake-up functions to reduce power consumption
  • Oscillator types:
    – RF External High Speed Crystal – HXT
    – Internal High Speed RC – HIRC
    – Internal Low Speed 32kHz RC – LIRC
  • Multi-mode operation: NORMAL, SLOW, IDLE, SLEEP and DEEP SLEEP
  • Fully integrated internal 16MHz oscillator requires no external components
  • All instructions executed in 1~3 instruction cycles
  • Table read instructions
  • 115 powerful instructions
  • 8-level subroutine nesting
  • Bit manipulation instruction

Peripheral Features

  • Flash Program Memory: 2Kx16 ~ 4Kx16
  • RAM Data Memory: 256×8
  • In Application Programming function – IAP
  • Watchdog Timer function
  • Up to 14 bidirectional I/O lines
  • 2 pin-shared external interrupts
  • Multiple Timer Modules for time measurement, input capture, compare match output or PWM output or single pulse output function
    – 1 Compact type 10-bit Timer Module – CTM
    – 1 Periodic type 10-bit Timer Module – PTM
  • Dual Time-Base functions for generation of fixed time interrupt signals
  • Integrated 1.5V LDO
  • Low voltage reset function
  • Low voltage detect function
  • Flash program memory can be re-programmed up to 100,000 times
  • Flash program memory data retention > 10 years
  • Package types: 16-pin NSOP-EP, 24-pin SSOP-EP 

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